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Meera – Modern Culmination of Dance Inspired Clothing

Poornima Sharma has been a Sydney based dancer for the last three decades. Her breathtaking choreography didn't only light up the stage, but her grace along with supreme choice of classy traditional apparel has earned her accolades from fans and audiences alike.

Photography By Parvin Singh

Why Poornima Started a Clothing Brand

It goes without saying that dance is a creative art form which requires commitment and dedication. With the dance industry going through constant evolution, Poornima realised that her spectrum of creativity is too diverse to keep it limited to dance alone. But what could be the other outlets? Then it hit her. Her production costumes had always been very well received by audiences, fans and community supporters.

Photography by – Balzinder Balz of BalzIclick

And that’s when the foundation of Meera was laid – a dance inspired traditional Indian apparel brand delivering premium quality handcrafted Indian clothing.

Introducing Meera

Poornima's traditional Indian clothing line was launched just over a year ago with initial variety being limited to test the market. Since then, Meera has opened an online store which has been a big hit with dance enthusiasts as well as women searching for something classy and exclusive but different. Poornima's huge presence in the industry has earned her brand a lot of credibility and helped her to grow the business.

What really separates Meera from the competition is its unique variety of authentic handcrafted traditional Indian wear which are very difficult to find in Australia. Even with the existence of online presence, Poornima also holds pop up exhibitions where loyal clients and potential customers can assess the quality of fabric and overall brand quality. This helps them in making the purchase decision as they can place their orders online with a peace of mind.

Photography by Anshul Mehta of Chitrakathaa

What’s Unique about Meera

It doesn't need to be said that the competition in the clothing space is astronomical. Every new business needs to have a massive differentiator along with a great marketing muscle to earn a slice of the pie. In such a cutthroat space, Meera has uniquely positioned itself through multiple distinct selling points which include the following:

Credibility of a Veteran Dancer

Poornima Sharma is a well-known name for those who are into arts and culture and that fact alone lends credibility to her brand. People trust her to deliver the quality and excellence that they’ve been witnessing on the stage for years.

Personally Sourced from India

Poornima gets all her clothing made by authentic weavers of India and not some distributor. She personally visits the country and wanders through the streets of different states to hand pick her designs. For instance, her next collection will include Lucknavi Chikankari (embroidery) and Anarkali Lehengas and Kurtas for which she plans to visit Gujrat and Lucknow.

Choice of Raw Artists Australia

The unique brand has been handpicked by RAW ARTISTS Australia to exhibit one of the biggest ramp shows on 13th February, 2020 where Poornima will be showcasing 10 models wearing Meera's handcrafted collection.

Exclusive Handcrafted Traditional Clothing

Every apparel features a unique design that can be worn by only one person. When you own an apparel by Meera, you know it's just made for you.

Affordable Prices

At Meera's clothing store, exclusivity doesn't come at a high price. Poornima believes in making exotic clothing accessible to every woman and that's why the prices are economical. Poornima’s collection of handcrafted traditional apparel won’t break your bank.

Last Words

If you are searching for an authentic handcrafted traditional wear that hugs your frame gracefully, features an exclusive design, and comes at an affordable price tag, Meera is just the right place to go. It’s your time to feel like a royalty!

Traditional and ethnic with a touch of quirk and sexiness is what Meera by Poornima Sharma is about. Shop here today:

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