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Meera by Poornima Sharma - Weaving Modernity with Traditional Charm!

The handloom heritage of India is the oldest and widely popular. Rich weaves of finely-tailored, handcrafted Indian attires impressed the royals from far and beyond, and still manage to grab the attention of admirers of cultural fashion.

Indian textile history is filled with mentions of handwoven handlooms, meticulously designed to clothe the royals. From pashmina in the north to kanjeevaram silk in the south, every region of this country has a unique weaving technique. Each of these weaves holds cultural and traditional hues of the region it comes from.

While the age-old textile industry is slowly experiencing a downfall, many fashion designers are on the quest to keep its undying charm alive. Such designers are working towards creating contemporary attires to suit the needs and requirements of today’s modern women and men. Besides wedding wears, they are increasingly focusing on crafting exquisite designer pieces for everyday use. Meera by Poornima Sharma is one such effort to blend modernity with cultural extravaganza.

Meera - A Beautiful Preservation of Indian Handloom

Meera by Poornima Sharma is one such handwoven collection crafted by artisans from Varanasi for the divas of today. It’s a rich blend of traditional silhouettes and contemporary weaves aimed to cater to the free-spirited Indian women.

Each of the collections by Meera is an artistic representation of modern fashion lovers. The intricate applique work denotes traditional values in the contemporary setup. The designer draws inspiration from empowered women who choose not to confine themselves within the set societal norms and constantly challenges them with their grace, beauty, and strength.

Wedding and Festive Collection by Meera

Indian wedding attires offer a canvas for designers to showcase the culture and intricate details.

Meera, the latest collection by Poornima Sharma, is a celebration of Indian tradition, rich culture, and handlooms. This surreal collection offers a plethora of wedding and festive attires, all featuring patterns in delicate zari work and applique techniques.

The designer brought her designs to life in Varanasi. Her expert artisans and weavers work with zari and tissue silk, a rare fabric, to create each piece. Her latest wedding and festive collections are:


Photography & Co-Produced by Anshul Mehta of chitrakathaa

The collection is handwoven pieces of art showing the rich opulent textile art of Banaras. The Kesariya collection adorns beautiful floral and damask zari patterns.

The dupatta is made using silk tissue, a fabric similar to organza but exclusive to India. The designs have an open weave with colored silk and metallic thread woven opposite to one another.


Photography by Kscreative photography ( Kartik Sharma)

This collection houses an extensive range of exquisite wedding ensembles crafted on pure silk fabric. Taluk is the culmination of vibrant hues, shimmering zari and applique patterns, and excellent craftsmanship.

One can also find hand block printed dupattas, sarees, and anarkalis and statement necklaces.


The collection Paramparra allows the wearer to experience tradition while enjoying contemporary comfort. The entire collection is vibrantly colored with natural dyes and expertly handcrafted to add the charm of authenticity. The ensembles make for a perfect heirloom piece.

Make a Graceful Choice for the Coming Wedding Season

With wedding season just around the corner, choose to be the ‘Bride in Meera’ and show the world your grace and confidence.

To know more about Poornima Sharma’s cultural fashion clothing collections, visit here.

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