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Patola Single Ikkat Red Manechok Saree

  • Patola Saris are popular double-ikat weave silk fabrics once originally made in Patan, Gujarat alone. The single ikat version is a more easily and market-friendly version of the original Patola.

    Ikat is the meticulous technique of tying and dyeing the warp or weft as in single ikat or may be both before being woven into a textile form like the double ikkat. Single Ikat fabrics are created by interweaving tied and dyed warp with plain weft or resisted weft yarns is inserted in plain weft. Double ikat involves the process of resisting on both warp and weft and then interlacing them to form intricate yet well composed patterns.


    The outcomes of Patola are colourful and very attractive by design. Women’s dresses, sarees,  are very attractive and full of colors and geometrical patterns. Patola involves complicated calculations, the base of the sari being totally founded on geometrical creations.The soft fabric is not block-printed. Its weaving and tie method results in identical patterns on both sides of the cloth.

    The process of making of the sari starts with dyeing the wrap and the weft yarns according to the planned pattern of the final cloth. The double-ikat or horizontal resist dyeing that is employed ensures that the pre-determined patterns result in the threads being coloured. This is achieved by strategically knotting the threads and then dyeing so that knotted portions resist the dye and the pattern forms as a result. This pattern is then separately coloured or dyed to form a unique design when the weaving of the threads takes place. The weaving is done on traditional hand looms, and vegetable dyes are traditionally used. In Gujarati people say, “Patola will slash, but color will not lighten” meaning that the cloth may tear but the colors won’t fade.

    Note: Silk yarn is used, and patola saris are hand-woven. The procedure is not only costly, but also time-consuming. 


    Pure Silk Handwooven Ikkat Saree with matching Blouse piece.

    Saree Length - 7 meter 


    Caution: Colour May slightly vary due to photography.

  • This product is Hand woven and there might be slight irregularities which adds to the charm of our handcrafted product.